Sport Series

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When it comes to performance driving, few cars can match the prowess of McLaren. Born from track-proven engineering, McLarens stand out from other sports cars because drivers know every detail is fine-tuned for thrills. Recently, the McLaren Sports Series has given drivers race-inspired cars that feel equally at home on the road or track. With this line of high-performance sports cars now coming to an end, its legacy is secure. Looking back at the Sports Series models, their impact on automotive performance is clear. The line included sports cars that broke new ground and reached new heights. Every car in the McLaren Sports Series brought something different to the table and forged a new foundation for McLaren.


Stage 1
  • BMC Air filters
  • Custom Tune stage 1
  • 70 + wh + gains
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Stage 2
  • Upgraded ignition coils
  • Custom Tune stage 2
  • NGK Spark plugs
  • High flo catless downpipes
  • Сall for fuel injectors and custom exhaust
  • 130 + whp gains
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Stage 3
  • Pure Turbo upgrade
  • Upgraded ignition coils
  • Fuel injector upgrade
  • Custom Tune stage 3
  • Full exhaust
  • High flo catless downpipes
  • 200+whp gains.
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* All cars will go through a 20 point health and safety check before any high performance modifications.

Along with the Ultimate and Super Series, the Sports Series comprised one of three main classes within McLaren Automotive. Compared to the other vehicles, Sports Series cars were among the more versatile. Drivers of these cars could use them just as easily on the streets as the racetrack. They offered a great option for McLaren enthusiasts without requiring the most technical driving abilities.